Frequently asked questions

How much is it for a filling, extraction or root canal treatment?

It is very difficult to quote a price for treatment without seeing inside your mouth. We advise all new clients to come in and see us so we can discuss different options with you and give you an exact price. It is important to us that you are well informed and receive the correct treatment for your mouth.

Do you extract wisdom teeth?

Yes we do. A wisdom tooth is your third molar tooth and often there is not enough room in your mouth for them so they become impacted (jammed against another tooth or bone). The removal of impacted wisdom teeth can be an involved procedure and best carried out by a specialist. We can recommend and organise a referral to an oral surgeon in your area.

Do you see kids?

Yes we do. School Children are treated with a private fee at a reduced price.

Do you do in house whitening?

Yes we do. We use the opalescence system which usually takes one and a half hours. We still do recommend take home custom made trays as well to further enhance the result.

Do you do orthodontics?

We do very simple cases and refer all other cases to an orthodontist.

Do you make dentures and how much are they?

Yes we do. Neil Carlisle is our clinical dental technician who does our denture work. He can do emergency repairs from the surgery and offers a free initial consultation for treatment regarding your dentures.

Do you have a full mouth x ray?

Yes we do. We can take a digital panoramic radiograph of your mouth which we can e mail for referrals. Because our machine is digital we offer our clients the reassurance of up to 90% less radiation than from older non digital machines.

Are you open weekends or late nights?

We can offer treatment on weekends as organised with the treating dentist. We are open for extended hours on at least one night a week.

Do you do veneers?

Yes we do. A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that is cemented on to the front of a tooth. There is a small amount of preparation to the tooth needed making them ideal for changing the colour or shape of front teeth without removing too much tooth structure. If a tooth has large fillings or is darker than the adjacent teeth we need to look at other options.