Your safety

At contemporary dental we offer a very modern and clean environment for your comfort and safety. The quality of our equipment, and the standard of our sterilising and cross infection control procedures have become a recognised part of our client’s experience.

It is our pleasure to offer you a new level of reassurance. Our sterilizing area is open plan so you can witness our dedication to providing a completely safe environment for you to be treated in.

Our surgery operates in compliance with the recommended Australasian standards AS/NZS 4815:2006.

What we offer for your personal safety is:

Digital radiographs to reduce radiation exposure.

Radiation is obviously an important issue for our practice team and our clients. We have invested in state-or-the-art digital intra oral and panoramic x-ray units. Compared to conventional film based units radiation is reduced by up to 90% with intra oral, and 30% for panoramic imaging.

Limited use of chemicals.

All surfaces are cleaned with Clinidet; an all- purpose clinical detergent specifically formulated to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4815:2006. It does not contain any irritating or hazardous ingredients and eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals in the surgery.

Our digital x-ray system does not depend on harmful processing chemicals which eliminates the risk of spills and the need to dispose of aggressive chemicals and hazardous waste materials.

We do not use cold sterilising chemicals. All items that are required to be sterile are processed through our steriliser. Single use disposable items are used when they cannot be processed through the steriliser.

Oil free vacuation system.

For our client’s protection, compressed air in the surgery which comes into direct contact with the client’s mouth is produced by a high-quality oil-free dry-air compressor.